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Topic: MFT/MLT 3.5.1 Update Available

Category: SYNC Announcements

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  • 12/10/12

Today, we are proud to announce the release of a new software update, available immediately for many SYNC® with MyFord Touch®/MyLincoln Touch (TM) systems.  This new software will provide the following enhancements to your current system:

•        Return of the outside air temperature to the 8 inch display
•        Updated phone pairing process
•        Enhanced voice and screen destination entry for SD Card Navigation (if equipped)
•        Simplified voice commands for music
•        Enhancements to voice recognition
•        Updated SYNC/device compatibility

Please note that the update is not yet available for MyFord Touch/MyLincoln Touch vehicles equipped with Navigation. For these vehicles, the software update requires a complimentary replacement SD card. We plan to have your replacement SD cards, as well as the new software update, ready for you in January.  We will make an announcement in the forums when you are able to request your replacement SD card.  Please be aware that if you perform the update without the replacement SD card in a Navigation-equipped vehicle, your Navigation system will be inoperable.
If your vehicle is not equipped with SD Card Navigation, you can log in and check for updates now.

We look forward to sharing an enhanced MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch experience with all of you.

(MY Fusion Hybrid, C-MAX Hybrid, C-MAX Energi, and Focus Electric will be subject of a future announcement.)

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  • 1/25/13

As of today the 3.5.1 update is now available for Navigation-equipped MyFord Touch® / MyLincoln Touch™ vehicles.

Our goal is to make the MyFord Touch® system more enjoyable than ever by making it easier to use.  V3.5.1 includes all the improvements from previous updates, plus additional benefits, such as:
•    Simplified phone pairing process
•    Enhanced voice recognition performance
•    Improved call sound quality
•    Simplified voice commands for radio and USB-connected audio players
•    Enhanced voice and screen destination entry for vehicles equipped with Navigation
•    Updated Bluetooth device / SYNC compatibility
•    Outside air temperature display on the 8-inch touchscreen

Steps to access and install the software update:

Vehicles equipped with Navigation will require installation of a new complementary map update SD Card that can be ordered from the website.  Failure to install the new SD Card once the software has been updated will render the navigation system inoperable.

•    Log into your account or create your SYNC Owner Account.
•    Navigate to the SYNC Updates section, and click Get Updates .  
•    Click Update My SYNC Now, and download the software update onto a USB drive to your computer.  Note: Use an empty USB drive that holds 2 GB or more of data and is not password-protected.
•    If your vehicle is equipped with Navigation, you will be prompted by the system to order a complimentary map update SD card.
•    Take the USB drive to your vehicle and install the software update.
•    Once you have installed the SYNC software updates, you’ll need to pair your phone again.
•    To complete the process, take the USB drive to your computer to report the successful installation.

(MY Fusion Hybrid, C-MAX Hybrid, C-MAX Energi, and Focus Electric will be subject of a future announcement.)

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